The pavilion and bathhouse at the Manchester Whitewater Park is a hit with visitors this summer.

A new Manchester park that hosted a grand opening less than a week ago has been vandalized twice, according to city officials.

City Manager Tim Vick informed the Manchester City Council in an email that the new bathroom facility at the Riverfront Park has been vandalized twice in the past week by clogging the toilets with sand.

“Apparently, someone took the time to dump a large amount of sand into all three toilets and throughout the restrooms,” Vick wrote. “The door timer locks were circumvented by someone dead bolting the doors in the open position.”

Vick said city staff is seeing what it would cost to install a security camera system to monitor the area.

“I really wish we did not have to do this, but we cannot continue to have this occur at the facility,” Vick said.

Doug Foley, parks and recreation director, said the bathrooms were all cleaned up and ready for the Motorcycle Trials and Bacon ‘n Hops fest, which occurred last weekend.

“I spoke with Chief (James) Hauschild and he will have his nighttime officers check on the doors and make sure they are locked after 9 p.m.,” Foley said. “Hopefully, this will solve the current issues and problems until a more permanent set up can be priced out and installed.”