When Paul McCartney wrote one of his most popular ballads, he did so to comfort the son of one of his fellow Beatles. Today, “Hey Jude” is easily one of the most recognizable Beatles songs, with its simple three-chord progression and advice to take happiness from wherever you find it.

The new owners of a longstanding Manchester restaurant are doing just that. Todd and April Scherbring bought Jude’s Cafe earlier this month when Judy and Fred Vorwald decided it was time for retirement.

“We were looking for a change and wanted to move to Manchester. Buying the restaurant made up for both of those things,” said Todd, who works for Big River United Energy in Dyersville. “We decided to take a gamble and change our lifestyle, hopefully for the better.”

That much is true, especially for Todd’s wife April, who is in charge of opening the restaurant at 5 a.m. nearly every day. “I’ve never been that much of a morning person,” she laughed. “But I’m getting used to it.”

Before purchasing Jude’s, April worked in health care for more than 20 years. “I’ve always been a people person; waiting isn’t a big deal.” She says that the hardest part about the transition from healthcare to restaurant ownership lies in the little details. “The little things like making sure people have ketchup or silverware are the hardest.”

Todd and April certainly are not alone in their new venture. “The staff here is just amazing. We are lucky that all of them stuck around through the change,” said Todd. “Our staff has made the transition pretty flawless.”

While the staff stays the same, other things may change slightly. “We might change a few minor things, but we certainly don’t plan on reinventing the wheel.” April plans to redecorate and add a fresh coat of paint to the place, but plans to continue to provide the high-quality daily specials that Jude’s is known for.

One of the biggest changes Todd and April are facing is the name of the restaurant. Though it has not yet changed, they plan to do so for their grand opening in the spring.

The new owners are incredibly thankful for all of the help they have received in their new journey. “We want to thank the staff for making the transition smooth. Fred and Judy were so kind to give us the opportunity to buy it.”

Jude’s remains at the same location in Manchester, though the phone number has changed. Customers can now reach the restaurant at 927-1075.