Manchester police warn of Two scams, report woman lost $4,500

Manchester police are warning residents of a pair of scams that have affected local residents in the past two weeks.

Chief James Hauschild reported that one scam involved callers pretending to be from the Drug Enforcement Administration informing a victim that her bank account was tied to illegal drugs and money laundering.

The announcement said the caller told the victim to withdraw money from the bank, buy gift cards and provide that card information to the scammers, supposedly to move their money to a secure account. The victim lost $4,500 to the scam before a store clerk prevented her from buying more gift cards.

The second scam involved a victim being called by a “friend” who said they needed bail money to get out of jail, the post said. The victim bought $2,000 in gift cards from a local store and provided card information to an “attorney.”

“If anyone receives a call of questionable nature, contact local law enforcement before taking any action,” Hauschild’s announcement advised.