The Foundation for the Future of Delaware County (FFDC), an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque, has welcomed five new members to its board of directors.

Lisa Guetzko, of Manchester, has served as a member of the West Delaware Academic Boosters Committee, and has witnessed first-hand the wide range of benefits FFDC has provided to area schools. With a career background in human resources, she hopes to provide a global and strategic perspective in service to the FFDC board.

“I am very enthusiastic about helping create future opportunities,” said Guetzko. “I have seen the many ways FFDC has positively impacted our community and I have always admired the dedication and values of FFDC. I am excited to see how strengthening families can impact our communities.”

Megan McKenzie, also of Manchester, brings experiences from working with nonprofits nationwide in her former coaching role based in Seattle, Wash. She studied nonprofit management as an undergraduate at the University of Northern Iowa and is currently the program officer at the McElroy Trust in Waterloo.

“I decided to make a commitment to serving FFDC because I am passionate about the important role nonprofit organizations play in the vitality of a community,” said McKenzie. “I’m looking forward to learning from and serving alongside my fellow board members and contributing to the important work being done throughout Delaware County.”

Tom McDonald, of Ryan, owns and operates a century farm with his family, so he will help represent the Ryan area and the farming community in his new role on the FFDC board. He looks forward to improving Delaware County, working with the board and meeting new people.

Vicki Spellerberg, of Manchester, spent more than three decades as a high school business teacher and school-to-work coordinator. “I am familiar with the workforce needs in our communities, the lack of adequate funding to help schools deal with mental health issues, and the lack of funding to help strengthen families in our communities,” said Spellerberg. “As a board member, I hope to increase awareness of the FFDC endowment program and to increase the number of endowments that are created in Delaware County. I also would like to see our grant program directly impact programs that will help strengthen families within our communities.”

Sarah Helle, of Hopkinton, represents Delaware County as a new FFDC board member. She has served in city government for 11 years, eight as a council person and three as city clerk. “I have seen firsthand the benefits and opportunities this foundation gives to cities. Hopkinton has been able to do many projects due to their generosity,” said Helle.

“This county is my home and I like the idea of being able to work with an organization that has a direct impact on our people and programs. I am most excited about the direction the board is moving — it excites me that we are going to start to focus on the needs of the county and give some direction to the grant process.”

“The FFDC board is thrilled to welcome our newest board members and looks forward to putting their expertise to good use within the county,” said FFDC board president Jerry Burke.