The Edgewood Locker.

A gift-box sale to the father of a producer for the Today Show on NBC has given the Edgewood Locker some national exposure for its breakfast sample gift box.

The locker’s gift box was featured, along with other food boxes from across the country, during hour four of the Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb Dec. 13.

According to Edgewood Locker co-owner Katie Anderson, the unexpected opportunity came quickly. “A gentleman from the Anamosa-area who received some of our products through a fundraiser has a daughter who is a producer on the show. I’m not sure if she was looking for ideas for that segment or not, but he told her about us and she ended up calling us and asking if we would be interested in doing this.”

The locker sent a box of breakfast items to the producer, then another box to another person connected to the show.

“We waited for a confirmation from the Today Show to make sure it was happening,” Anderson explained. “We had a week’s notice once we found out.”

The breakfast sampler included blueberry maple bratwurst, cheesy hash brown bratwurst, smoked maple links, breakfast links, apple-cinnamon bacon and regular bacon.

During the segment entitled “Mail-order gift guide for foodies”, Kathie Lee and Hoda, along with entertainment expert Maureen Petrosky, went along a table of nine gift ideas from around the country. The Edgewood Locker was the only gift box featuring breakfast foods.

On the Today Show’s web page, the Edgewood Locker’s breakfast sampler box is described this way: “Ever had a blueberry maple brat or how about a cheesy hash brown brat? This gift is perfect for the breakfast or brunch aficionado in your life. Complete with brats, breakfast links and bacon, this is no ordinary breakfast gift.”

Anderson said the spot on the show produced immediate results. “We’ve gotten nearly 40 orders online from the segment and it just aired an hour ago. They keep coming.”

Anderson said the locker expects to be busy this time of year and they are ready to handle any extra orders from the show. “We knew this was coming this week, so we’ve been preparing boxes.”

The locker has a website, but didn’t have a way to order online. That changed in the days leading up to the Today Show appearance.

“We kind of went into this blindly,” Anderson admitted. “We didn’t know what to expect. When I tried to reach out to people who were on the segment last year, I really couldn’t get a great answer out of anyone.”

“We are keeping up with orders. It’s a crazy, busy time of year for us anyway, but we are so excited about this.”