The Edgewood Colesburg School Board considered a letter asking for additional funds from the Community Dreams Committee at its regular meeting Dec. 18.

Steven Brady, from the Community Dreams Committee, addressed a letter to both the Edgewood City Council and the Ed-Co School Board on Oct. 16, 2018, requesting $22,775 in funding in order to clear the remaining balance on a loan used to build the Community Dreams Field in Edgewood.

According to said letter, both the city council and the school board agreed to contribute $75,000 in order to finish the project, for a total of $150,000 in funding from the two parties. The Ed-Co board contributed $15,000 per year from 2008 to 2013 and the city provided $7,500 per year until 2018.

When this amount was not enough to complete the construction, the Community Dreams Committee “felt that private contributions and fundraisers would take care of the small remaining balance.”

While contributions were raised over a span of 10 years, “much of the energy and fundraising from various groups went to improve the facilities, including a new weight room, lights for the baseball field and coverings for the little league stands.”

These additions, according to the letter signed by Brady, directed money away from the original debt repayment, leaving a remaining balance on the loan in the amount of $22,775.

“Would it be possible for the school board and the city council to contribute this amount to wipe out this debt? It would take less than $11,400 each,” wrote Brady. “Certainly, this wonderful addition to our city and school is worth that.”

School board members at the Dec. 18 meeting agreed that a meeting should be held with the Community Dreams Committee, city council representatives, the chamber, and any other parties that may be involved in order to get more details on the situation before agreeing to pay. “That way, we can figure out where this came from and how to go about solving it,” said president Robert Schilling.

In other news:

Ed-Co will not offer early separation packages this year after the board decided against it. Superintendent Rob Busch recommended a $20,000 payout over two years for certified staff, and 10 percent of the highest base salary paid over two years for classified staff. No package will be offered to either party this year.

The school board approved a request to purchase new baseball bleachers at a value of approximately $35,000.

Board members approved a public hearing date of Feb. 11 to act on bids received for HVAC and electrical projects.

Schilling expressed interest in offering a hunting safety course in the schools.