Jessica Pape

The Manchester Area Chamber of Commerce is reaching out to help support newborns and new families in the area with a Community Baby Shower.

Partnering with the Manchester Pizza Hut, the chamber is asking for donations of baby items. Items such as diapers, formula, bottles, bibs, blankets and pacifiers may be dropped off at Pizza Hut.

The Community Baby Shower will run until Thursday, Feb. 28.

Executive Director of the Manchester Area Chamber of Commerce, Jessica Pape, said the program is a way to offer support. “We’re kind of a one-stop shop here at the chamber. We get a lot of phone calls. More and more someone is calling who needs help with different life situations that are going on.”

Pape said that support is important to her office. “One thing that’s important to me with the chamber is that we focus on the health of our entire community. I found out that Pizza Hut uses their lower level quite often for baby showers. I just talked with them about how we could help support the overall community through this.”

She said supporting the baby shower is another way the chamber can support workers in the area. “A lot of our calls come from our workforce. They are trying to make ends meet and sometimes life happens. We’re just trying to help them get over the humps. We want people to feel they are completely supported here.”

The baby shower can also help churches and non-profits in the area help those who need it. “After Feb. 28 we will disperse what we have to the churches and non-profits,” Pape explained. “We have great groups doing things in our communities already and this is just our way to help support them.”

The chamber is working with a local inter-agency group. “We will work with them and the families they are already supporting,” Pape said.

She added that this is a way for friends to support others and also a way for businesses to support their workers. “A group of friends that want to do a giving project can use this as a way of doing something nice. If a business wants to participate, perhaps a donation box in their break room where people can bring baby items could work.”

Pape said, that while the idea of a community baby shower may be unique, the message she wants it to send is not.

“We always say in Manchester and Delaware County that it’s the best place to work, live and play. We are doing this to really show that. We want to be a supportive community. We really believe that when people come together, we can make a big impact.”