The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office served a warrant on Todd Michael Mullis, 42, of Earlville, on a first-degree murder charge Feb. 28 in relation to the death of his wife, Amy Lynn Mullis.

Court documents show Denise Timmins, the assistant attorney general, made an appearance on behalf of the state this afternoon.

According to a submitted affidavit, on Nov. 10, 2018, dispatch received a 911 call from Todd Mullis in reference to Amy Mullis being unresponsive.

The affidavit stated that Todd Mullis told law enforcement following his wife’s death that this was her first day out of the house following a surgery she had several days prior. He said she was helping in the barn cleaning light bulbs when she appeared to start having dizzy spells. Todd Mullis said he told Amy Mullis to go rest in the house, but he first asked her to go to a nearby shed to grab a pet carrier to store kittens.

Todd Mullis said sometime later, he looked outside and didn’t see the pet carrier where he asked Amy Mullis to put it. He told his son to check on her. The son did so, and Todd Mullis then heard him start to yell.

Todd Mullis said he ran over and observed Amy Mullis lying in a crouched position near the doorway with a corn rake in her back. Todd Mullis stated he laid her down and pulled the rack from her back, picked her up and carried her out of the shed. Todd Mullis placed her in his pickup and drove toward the hospital, calling 911 on the way.

Midway to the hospital, EMS reached Todd Mullis and placed Amy Mullis in an ambulance. She was transported to Regional Medical Center where she was later pronounced dead.

The affidavit went on to say that in the initial investigation following the death, Todd Mullis told law enforcement he didn’t know how Amy Mullis sustained her fatal injuries that day.

Todd Mullis was asked about the positioning of the four-tine corn rake that was lodged in her back and told authorities he didn’t think all of the tines were in her back when he removed the rake.

A Nov. 12, 2018 autopsy showed six puncture wounds and the State Medical Examiner’s Office stated the injuries Amy Mullis sustained were not consistent with falling onto the corn rake, as described by Todd Mullis.

In a Nov. 16, 2018 interview, Todd Mullis told authorities that in 2013 Amy Mullis had an affair with another man. He said his son had learned of the affair and the two of them had grown closer because of it. Todd Mullis told authorities he was devasted and the incident shattered his trust in Amy Mullis, but he said he didn’t confront her about the affair.

Even though he initially denied it, he later admitted he did confront Amy Mullis about the affair. In July 2018, authorities say Todd Mullis was reviewing a cell phone bill where he discovered a large number of texts between Amy Mullis and a man known to Todd Mullis, documents state.

Todd Mullis told authorities he confronted his wife and the man in the same timeframe but they both denied being in a relationship. Todd Mullis also contacted the man’s wife.

Todd Mullis told authorities after these conversations, he did not believe the two were in a relationship.

However, during the course of the investigation, authorities learned Amy was having a “romantic relationship” with another man beginning around May 2018 — a relationship that continued up until the week of Amy’s death, documents state.

The man told authorities he last saw Amy Mullis the Monday prior to her death. He also stated Amy Mullis had confided during the Summer of 2018 that she wanted to leave Todd

Mullis, but was scared to death of him.

“Amy specifically told the man, ‘If he catches me, he might make me disappear,’” documents state.

After Todd Mullis had confronted the two, Amy Mullis told the man that Todd Mullis was now reviewing her text messages and it was no longer safe for them to communicate that way. The man told authorities he feared for his own safety if Todd Mullis ever discovered the relationship.

Through interviews with close friends and relatives of Amy Mullis, authorities learned that the marriage was strained and had been for several years. Amy Mullis allegedly made statements on multiple occasions that she feared her husband would kill her if he found out she was having an affair and that she wanted to divorce him.

One friend told authorities about a phone call she had with Amy Mullis near the end of August 2018.

“Amy told the friend she feared Todd would kill her and that if she came up missing the friend should instruct people to look for her body in a wooded area she and Todd had recently purchased,” the affidavit reads. “Amy told the friend that if she was found dead, ‘You’ll know Todd did something to me.’”

Another friend of hers told authorities Amy Mullis stated that Todd Mullis would “throw her to the to the pigs” if he found out about the affair, adding Amy Mullis was given the nickname “POT Wife” meaning “Prisoner of Todd.”

“The friend stated that Amy retained this nickname for some time while she was alive,” documents state.

During another interview with a mutual friend of the couple, the friend told police he had received a call from Amy Mullis one morning, who was screaming and crying. The friend told authorities Todd Mullis had found out about the affair and that her child was crying and didn’t want to get on the bus because they didn’t know if Amy Mullis would still be there when she got home. The friend said this conversation happened Oct. 22, 2018.

Another mutual friend interviewed by police said Todd Mullis had visited their home following his wife’s murder. The friend told authorities that Todd Mullis stated, “You really have to watch what you text on your phone because it could come back to bite you.”

In an interview with Jeff Fuller, Amy Mullis’ brother, authorities learned that she was storing furniture and that the two of them were planning to make the furniture available once she moved out and left her husband. Fuller said this conversation happened just months prior to her death.

Todd Mullis also allegedly told Eileen Fuller, his wife’s stepmother, that he “wasn’t going to lose the farm over this,” referencing the affair. Authorities learned that Amy Mullis said if she were to leave Todd Mullis that she would get $2 million from the trust that was in place and half of the farm ground.

Authorities say they discovered Todd Mullis had searched for “organs in the body,” “killing unfaithful woman,” “what happens to cheaters in history” and “what happened to cheating spouses in historic Aztec tribes” on his iPad just days before the murder.

On Jan. 8, 2018, Todd also searched for “once you hunt man you will always feel the thirst,” documents state.