The Maquoketa Valley School Board met for meetings on May 8 and May 23 to discuss a variety of topics.

During the May 8 morning meeting, the board received information regarding the 2019-20 collective bargaining settlement. After brief discussion, the board approved the settlement, which equated to a 3.20% increase. The board also approved salary adjustments for classified and administrative staff. Classified staff will see an average salary increase of 2.0% plus step movement, according to the meeting minutes. Administrative staff will also see an increase of 2.6%.

At the May 23 meeting:

• Maintenance and Transportation Director Doug Steger reported that any ash trees located on the Delhi campus will be removed this summer due to the emerald ask borer disease.

• The school board approved a contract with Fusion Forward, a design and marketing firm, in the amount of $1,200 per month for marketing.

• Elementary principal Brenda Becker received a $500 grant from the Maquoketa Valley Alliance to help pay for training for a school therapy dog.

• The June meeting for the Maquoketa Valley School Board will be held Thursday, June 20. Following meetings will resume on the third Monday of the month.