Justin Olind, physical education and health teacher at Edgewood-Colesburg High School, presented his individualized professional development plan to the school board at their regular June 17 meeting.

Olind strives to have 90 to 100 percent of students show growth on activities such as the mile run, push ups and sit ups. Other goals included having 50 percent of students at the 50th percentile in the Presidential fitness testing and 10 percent of students at the 85th percentile. “I feel every kid should, if they work hard and do what they should, all have a chance to improve.

To reach these goals, Olind asked his students to do push ups and sit ups every day as a warm up in his PE classes. He also stressed the importance of each student performing at their personal best level. While Olind admitted the goals he set were difficult to reach, he was proud of the progress students made throughout the year.

Moving forward, Olind said he would like to work more with the male students on their core strength. “Core leads to everything else in most every activity we do.” He said the ladies had more consistent progress and gave no future goal for them.

In other news:

The board approved IIW as the architect firm for future district security improvements.

Superintendent Rob Busch reviewed the current Crisis Plan with board members.

Milk will be provided to the district by Prairie Farms, and bread will be provided by Bimbo Bakeries.